The purpose of the Office of Institutional Research is to effectively compile, coordinate, and disseminate information to appropriate members of the university community and external agencies. The director of institutional research reports to the university provost and encompasses three major areas of responsibility: institutional research, institutional effectiveness, and providing assistance to the university provost. Generally, the director is to assist university personnel in meeting compliance with the "institutional effectiveness" standards of the accreditation principles of the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
In order to effectively carry out this role, the director of institutional research is given access to all relevant information on campus that allows for the completion of the responsibilities assigned. In addition, all committees and academic units are to routinely submit minutes of all meetings to the director. In order to coordinate the collection of survey results, a copy of the blank survey form and a summary of the survey results should be submitted to the office of institutional research for each survey administered on campus. It should be designated on the summary of results whether or not the information can or cannot be made available to other campus personnel and/or off-campus persons.
The duties of the director of institutional research in each of these broad areas are listed below.

Institutional Research:

1. Compile/disseminate institutional statistics each semester via the Trevecca Nazarene University Fact Book.
2. Create/maintain internal reports/databases that support the Trevecca Nazarene University Fact Book.
3. Report institutional statistics to on-campus personnel and to external agencies.
4. Coordinate the compilation of data for the TELS tracking reports.
5. Coordinate/assist with campus-wide assessment surveys.
6. Compile/disseminate assessment survey results.

Institutional Effectiveness:

1. Coordinate the comprehensive process that systematically evaluates institutional effectiveness as chair of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee.
2. Serve as a member of the Strategic Planning Stewardship Team.
3. Maintain strategic planning documents and status.
4. Coordinate an outside evaluation of the Office of Institutional Research every 3 - 4 years.

Assistance to the University Provost:

1. Provide statistics for the provost's report to the board of trustees.
2. Coordinate academic reporting process (school deans, department chairs, program directors, and the associate provost and dean of academic affairs, and the university provost).
3. Request/compile committee/council preference/balloting process.
4. Provide "year-to-date" budget information each month to the university provost.
5. Provide historical budget information when necessary.
6. Compile new budget requests for upcoming budget year to the provost.
7. Assist in providing statistical data for grant writing purposes.
8. Make an annual written report to the university provost.
9. Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the university provost.